Make Gas the driving force of Ghana’s Industrialisation- Dr Asante

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Chief Executive Officer for Ghana National Gas Company Limited, Dr Ben K.D. Asante has proffered that Ghana’s industrialization agenda need to tap into the country’s gas production capacities to enhance productivity and economic growth.

According to him, gas has become a preferred alternative to other hydrocarbons in energy production.

“It is impossible to industrialise without sustainable gas supply, and gas is becoming the fossil fuel of choice for the future compared to its hydrocarbon siblings.

“Coal is fast becoming extinct for energy production because of environmental reasons. Oil as well, for both environmental and cost reasons is being replaced by gas and renewable energy which are fast becoming the energy of the future” he clarified.

Dr Ben K.D Asante mentioned that the efficiency with the utilization of gas in the industrial sector is incomparable.

“We also have to use gas as the pole of industrial development, for combined heat and power, mineral processing, ceramics, glass, paper, cement and also as a catalyst for harnessing our natural resources.

“Gas can also be used in both petrochemical and agrochemical ways, and for heating and cooking in the form of LPG, and also for vehicular transport in the form of compressed natural gas” Dr Asante stated.

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