Leak causes cancellation and rescheduling of the law school entrance exam

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The entrance exam for the Ghana School of Law, which was scheduled to begin at 10 am today, Friday, September 23, has been postponed due to an alleged leak.

Today at 1:30 PM is the new time for the exam.

According to JoyNews sources, the General Legal Council made the choice to address the problem following a meeting.

The General Legal Council’s Independent Examination Committee is overseeing the examination.

Four questions were included in the allegedly leaked paper that was sighted by the media.

To stop the leaks from happening again, stricter security measures will be implemented.

The 499 law students who have turned away from the Ghana School of Law earlier in the year for allegedly failing the entrance exam were now accepted.

Following a number of protests and discussions with the General Legal Council (GLC), the Attorney-General, and Parliament regarding their alleged failure, they were admitted.

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