Laterite on Fijai road closer to Skyy Power FM poses threat to motorist

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Laterite soil that has been washed down on the Fijai road close to Skyy Power FM is posing a threat to motorists who ply the road.

The soil has covered the majority of roads and has caused motorists to engage in dangerous manoeuvering that can lead to an accident.

Skyy Power FM has had several complaints from motorists that there is a need for authorities to work on the road and clear the sand since the road is a very important one in the Metropolis.

A motorist said, “Please there is a huge problem in the curve at Fijai coming towards Skyy Power FM,

The rain has washed the sand onto one side of the road and cars have to swerve to the otherwise of the road causing dangerous manoeuvring.

I am having lots of motorists complaining about that sharp curve which can cause fatal accidents.”

Another motorist said, “Some 5 seconds drive away or before Skyy Power Fm, depending on which direction you’re driving from on the Fijai-Takoradi road is where muddied laterite has been washed onto the road. Leaving drivers who ply the road with just the option of sharing the little space left.

This unfortunate situation has been the case for over a month now with authorities looking away. On a number of times, I have seen cars almost running into each other as a result of this.

Sadly, the machines to get the laterite away from the road to free it for users sit directly opposite the other end of the road. I don’t want to believe no one in authority within the region is yet to see this. I bet we aren’t waiting for an accident to occur as a result of this before we do the needful. This shouldn’t be happening, at least if you can’t construct better roads.”

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