Failure to register on time caused deferment of over 900 students – TTU registrar justifies decision.

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Registrar for the Takoradi Technical University, Moses Maclean Abnory has justified the school’s decision to defer nearly nine hundred students to the next academic year.

Over nine hundred students of the Takoradi Technical University have been deferred by school authorities for failing to register during the semester. While some students paid their school fees but only attempted to register after the window for registration had elapsed, others could not pay at all and subsequently failed to register.

Addressing members of the press on the matter, Mr. Abnory says the school was left with no choice as students had more than sufficient time and notices to register but failed to do so.

”While what has happened is unfortunate, the management of this great institution cannot be held liable for this since we have only played by the rules. We have given more than enough notices to students, we have given sufficient time for them to register, yet students for whatever reason did not register” he said.

Mr. Abnory further stated that the school did its best to for all students to go through the registration process and therefore cannot accept blame for the situation.

”We understand some students or their parents may have financial challenges so we even allowed who had paid less than half of their school fees to register. There are students who had paid their fees in full but failed to register. How do you explain this? And in any case, if for whatever reason you cannot pay part of your fees or register, there are channels to refer your matter to. So if there are any questions, I believe it is the students who must answer them” he concluded.

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