Lady, 3 men in Police grips for attempting to rob lotto agent

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The Samreboi Police in the Amenfi West Municipality of the Western Region, have arrested three persons; a lady and three men, for attempting to rob a lotto agent at gun point [name]. The identities of these robbers are yet to be disclosed as the police hunts for another gang associated with them. The robbers have been transfer to the Asankrangwa Divisional Command of the Ghana Police Service for interrogation.

The victim [name withheld] narrates that, he made out with the lady on Monday evening, at his apartment in the village. According to the victim, the lady is a hired spy for the robbers.

“She woke up at dawn under the pretext of passing urine outside” the victim stated.

In his suspicion, he waited for the lady to return but “three armed men rushed into my room, shouting at me to throw at them whatever money and passion I have in the room”

“One held a riffle at me, whiles the other armed themselves with machete and clubs” he added.

The lotto agent described how he muscled up a blow at the wrist of the robber who held the gun, breaking his arm in a fierce attack to save his life.

“I managed to take the gun, knocked him by the butt. The two others also got hit by the butt at their knees. They were all destabilized. I shouted for help and some neighbours rushed in to get hold of the robbers. In fact it was the gun that frightened them” he narrated.

Some residents say the gang had been employing this modus operandi to rob people of their possession. The lady they say seduce their targets and call on the robbers to carry out the crime. Upon arrest, they confessed to have plotted to rob a cocoa merchant that night if they had succeeded.

Prior to this incident, the Nananom and elders of the community, taking cognizance of the spate of these robbery attacks and theft, entreated the youth to form community-watch so they could curtail these crimes.

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