Kwesimintsim NPP Primaries: ‘I am not perturbed by any contender’- Incumbent MP

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Member of Parliament for Kwesimintsim, Joseph Mensah says he remains unshaken by opposing actors and forces in the coming primaries in the constituency. According to the legislator, he has been inoculated by in-party opposing forces ever since he was elected.

He recounted several schemes were machinated against his person and political career in the early days of his election, all in attempt to make him unpopular.

“This new faces, they started long ago… immediately I won the primaries, those who were not with me, they formed a different group and started planning to unseat me. That’s been their agenda, so I’m not perturbed” he told Skyy News reporter, Abraham Mensah after picking his nomination form last Saturday.

Commenting on the on-going nomination leading to the April 25 primaries, Mr. Joseph Mensah disclosed that the contest for the parliamentary candidature for the New Patriotic Party in the constituency will be based purely on individual goodwill and contributions to the development of the people.

“The contest is not about you picking the form. It is about telling the delegates what you’ve done and what you want to do. If they listen to you, they will vote for you” he said.

For more than three years, the Kwesimintsim legislator has been tagged and ridiculed by his opponents, who happen to be of the same political party, as a ‘failure’. To them, the constituency has witnessed no significant change ever since he was elected into office.

But Mr. Joseph Mensah cried that, it is erroneous to assume that members of parliament have made no significant contribution to the development of their respective constituencies. He justified that members of parliament play a complementary role to government’s policies and initiative, and as such need to be recognized for the results emanating from them.

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