Kuntum 22: Parents must help monitor activities of teachers in various schools – WR Education Director

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Western Regional Education Director, Mrs Felicia Okai has urged parents to help monitor the activities of teachers at the various schools.

Speaking at the Essikado Kuntum Development Dialogue to make Essikado an educational hub in the Western Region, Mrs Okai said it’s a known fact that some teachers have a bad attitude toward work contrary to the principles of the Ghana Education Service that has the sole aim of achieving quality education.

She said some teachers occupy themselves during class hours with messages and Whatapp on their mobile phones to the disadvantage of the students, and parents who are also significant stakeholders can collaborate with the leadership of the GES to identify such teachers.

The education director was also worried about the surge of truancy in the schools. She appealed to parents to ensure that their wards come to school even after registering for their final exams.

She said, “Humans beings are such that when they are doing things and feel nobody is watching them, they do it anyhow, but when somebody is monitoring them, they put up their best.”

“The education management is intensifying their monitoring, some of the issues that came up were very pathetic, some of the teachers, when they come to school, will be Whatapping, making phone calls, eating at their period and even doing their personal assignments… As parent and community people, how many of you enter the school to monitor all this, we have the education subcommittee and social service subcommittee where this complaint can be channelled to.”

Former Secretary of the NPP in the Western Region Charles Bissue who pledged his support for Essikado to become an educational hub said, he will also help solve the lighting problem at the Umat Railway School.

He said, “UMAT has supported me in my political journey and it is right to also support me in every way possible.”

“I will also take advantage of the tutors at UMAT as we will tap their knowledge to know the way forward to making Essikado’ss vision come to live.”

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