‘Jokes, lies don’t win elections’- Joe Ghartey replies NDC Candidate

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Political luminary, Joe Ghartey, has described as untruth, arguments and narratives by his political opponent from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Essikado-Ketan Constituency, Dr. Grace Ayensu-Dankwa, which suggested that an entire sixteen years of his tenure has been wasteful.

Mr. Joe Ghartey retorted that it was obvious his opponent was oblivious of the development and impact he’s made since he became the Member of Parliament for the area.

Dr. Grace Ayensu-Dankwa in a recent press encounter, described as a ‘waste’, the continued re-election of the incumbent Member of Parliament [Joe Ghartey], as his sixteen years in such a political position has failed to yield any dividend for the the Essikado-Ketan Constituency.

In a response to these claims, as he toured some developmental projects executed in Fijai [a town within his the Essikadu-Ketan Constituency], Mr. Ghartey said “politics is not about calling on radio, it’s not about argument, and it’s not about lying”.

Chronicling some projects undertaken in Fijai alone since he took office in 2005, Mr Ghartey said the Fijai JHS, asphalting of the West Fijai road, continuation of the Fija-Effia Nkwanta road, renovation of a 3-unit KG block at Holy Child practice school, construction of a toilet facility, renovation of Fijai Taxi rank station, construction of culverts and drains through the community, are just a collection of some critical infrastructure that have been materialized by his effort.

He advised that his political opponent(s) appreciate that, the constituents are very discerning, and they need not engage in propaganda and lies, all, in an attempt to win political power.

“It’s not a joke, I’m not involved in a joke. If you sit there and say I haven’t done anything, the people across the constituency will listen to you… But I have supreme confidence in the people of Essikado-Ketan. They are very wise people. They examine every statement,” he emphasized.

Mr Joe Ghartey is convinced of winning the 2020 parliamentary elections, and the bid for an additional term for President Nana Addo.

“… and as President Akuffo Addo said- the results will come in December 2020, and I’m going to tell you that I will win this election massively”

Should he sail through, this will be the fifth term he will be serving the people of Essikado-Ketan.

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