Insecurity; the Cry of the People

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Security breaches has become a dominate feature and a great concern to the masses.There has been a paradigm of an intense insecurity across the globe, particularly across the Sub-Sahara Africa, creating a state of mercilessly and hopelessness for the majority of the people.

It’s important incoming governments budgets enough money and other resources for security operations, and governments in power also takes proactive steps to recruit the best professionals with the right expertise, making available appropriate resources for them to do a good job in ensuring the territorial borders and the sovereignty of the state is fully secured and protected.

Some people could be inspired by internal saboteurs and motivated by external motives to create chaos and mayhem to further destabilize the inner cities and towns and therefore it’s of great importance the standard security processes and procedures are adhered to and strictly followed by all in position of power and authority.

Intelligence gathering, strategic security communication, provision of equipment and an effective strategic training can help to curb any intended upheaval and to create a firmed balance between what is right, what is urgent, what is important and what is relevant!

Dialogue, diplomacy and cohesiveness builds bridges and facilities a progressive movement that secures and protects the pillars that holds the walls of nations and it should be embraced at all times.


By: Richard Kumadoe, Fraud and Security Consultant

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