Inadequate water leads to water shortage in Sekondi

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Residents of Sekondi in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis are complaining bitterly of the lack of water in the town.

Some of the residents addressed it can take about two weeks or even a month before the tap will flow which is just for a short period of time. However, they made it known the only source of water for them at the moment is a well water which can only be used for limited activities such as chores, washing and bathing. It cannot be used for neither drinking or cooking which is a big problem for them now.

Also, they indicated they have alerted the Ghana Water Company several times but have been ignored as they continue their draught season in the mercies of luck.

Speaking to one of the directors of the Ghana Water Company in the Western Region, Mr. Nana Yaw revealed the cause of water shortage in the Sekondi community is due to inadequate water to satisfy the ever growing and demanding customers in the region. Also, he made it known the dry season is a factor and the fact that the region has not being experiencing enough rains in this particular moments.

Moreover, he indicated there is a time table for every community in terms of the water supply. Water is served to a community when the schedule indicates so, but due to inadequate water and power outages, they may not get enough of the water needed which is why they sometimes experience draught for such long period of time.

Mr. Nana Yaw made it known the water supple problem is due to low level of the water water, the dry season and power outages but they are working very hard to resolve some of the technical problems and produce the needed water to the residents.

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