If we could see coronavirus…

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Imagine we had the natural ability to visualize the novel coronavirus…seeing its tiny tentacles that it uses to cling on your hands, or swing in its weird smile, in droplets that fall from coughs, sneezes of an infected person as it falls onto your skin. Imagine the sight of this.

Just like a child’s play- oh yes, like the tales in Gulliver’s Travels – you will see these tiny viruses trying to break you down – destabilize you, so they could reduce you to your worst.
What then would be, in your imaginary world, the possible reaction to this situation?

Scream? Oh no! You need to believe you are the giant in their world of torment and nightmare. The alternatives are vast. You can mash them up like tomatoes, drown them up in a pool of your sweat with an intensive 15 minute workout and then flush them off your skin in a warm shower. But will that work?

It might hurt the virus but…I think it would definitely be warming up for a deadly attack when you fail to kill it.
Hahahha.. That reminds me of that insecticide spray advert- [no need mentioning it]. They will come back, wild and fearless.

So what can you do?
Got an idea. Remember how Neo swerved bullets in Matrix Reloaded? Or the Flash, hahahaaa… you see it all. You can walk through that swam of viruses without letting the slightest touch on your skin.

But until the kill switch is pulled, like the Matrix, you still will be trapped. Just when you are losing your last breath, Superman of Smallville will come to the rescue with his heat vision, killing them all in an instant. And that will be the cure, your savior. But his timing is the issue. How fast can he reach out to the over 280,000 infected persons scattered across the globe? This is just like the Crisis in the Flash. All super-heros and heroines will have to be summoned to save humanity.

There is hope- just as the big ‘S’ sign on Superman’s chest. Hope is coming. Cure or should I say vaccine, is coming. Don’t be afraid. COVID 19 is just that tiny creature in Gulliver’s story.

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