President Nana Akufo Addo has stated emphatically that he abhors any attempt or machination to rig elections to his favour. The President noted in a televised message prior to the upcoming voter registration exercise that he remains committed to championing a democratic governance, as he’s ever stood for in his entire life.

President Nana Addo reiterated that his election into office shall be by the people’s choice and with God’s blessing.

“I am not interested in disenfranchising any eligible Ghanaian from registering in tomorrow’s exercise nor am I interested in any improper machinations to win any election. I’ve spent my life fighting for free democratic institutions in our country and I will continue with that fight for the rest of my life. The idea of being a President who emerges from a rigged election is a abhorrent to ever fibre of my being. I want to continue to be the President of the Ghanaian people who have given me their free consent with the blessing of the almighty” he prayed.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana will tomorrow begin the registration of eligible voters for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections.


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