How to Make Your Office a Happier and Eco-Friendlier Place

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There are all kinds of things that employers can do to help spark productivity in their employees, but ideally you want to find the kind of measures that stick and offer lasting results. One area that can be well worth a business owner’s time is to find a way to make the office a happier and eco-friendlier place.

Employees who feel happy, satisfied, and appreciated in their job are not only willing to work hard, but chances are they will stick around. Eco-friendly measures are something that employees can take pride in, and respect their company over. So how can you achieve these two goals? Let’s take a closer look.


A great place to start is by using a critical eye to take a good look at the office space you currently have. Ask yourself if it is set up in a productive and comfortable way? What about an employee lounge space or staff room where they can enjoy a break, their lunch, or a quick beverage? Little things like these factors add up and have a pretty big impact on the satisfaction and happiness level of employees.

If money is tight for the company at the moment, start looking at areas you can cut back on costs. Take for example the Utility Bidder website, which provides companies with comparison rate quotes from the top commercial utility suppliers. There are also consultants available that can chat with companies to find ways to save them up to 45% on gas expenses. Those savings can then be turned around and reinvested in creating those comfortable spaces for employees to make use of.


If your business is ready to take a huge step where eco-friendly choices are concerned, then it may be time to consider going paperless. The environmental benefit is obvious – if the company is no longer using paper, then they aren’t putting a strain on the resource. In terms of other benefits, there is also a cost savings as there is no need for bulky filing systems, storage solutions and space, and the cost of purchasing paper. There are savings to be made on printing, and then on distribution since you won’t be sending out leaflets and brochures.

If you have a cleaning company that comes in to clean up daily, or weekly, it may be time to insist on them using green or eco-friendly cleaning products. These products are non-toxic which is better for the environment and your employees.


Depending on the business, you may also be able to let employees work from home. This means they won’t have to commute and add to the pollution levels. At the same time, you won’t need to rent as big of an office space, and employees tend to be very happy for the opportunity to work remotely. It’s even common to see their productivity level increase when working from a home office.

Each of these tips can help move your company into a more eco-friendly and happier environment for employees.

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