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Fashion is one of those fields that don’t sleep. From evolving trends through to timeless classics – the world of style is an endlessly influential one. While we don’t dress the same way we did in the early 1900s, the etiquette the era was known for still hovers. And that etiquette means knowing how to pair up garments and accessories to suit each occasion appropriately.

Here’s a handy guide to getting started on finding the right outfit for any occasion marked in your calendar.

Cocktail parties

It’s obvious, but cocktail dresses are the go-to here. But if you’re not sure exactly what kind of garment is suitable here and falls under the category the best, you’re always going to be safe with a casual-yet-dressy piece that hovers around the knee. Nothing too short, and nothing too revealing. Top it all off with some intricate jewellery or switch it up for a nice part of tailored pants and heels. Not sure what to avoid? Stay away from overly casual materials like denim and chinos.


If you’re the bride, you’re already set…no doubt. But if you’re someone else attending the celebrations, you might be stuck on what to pull out of your wardrobe. From dresses for mothers of the bride to something that will suit an old friend from the past – the general rule of thumb is to keep it formal. You can almost apply the same rules as a cocktail party here, but jazz it up even more with a dressy jacket or a bit of bling. Create a look that goes one step further than what you wore at the engagement party. And avoid white.

Meeting someone for the first time

Whether you’re being introduced to the in-laws or just heading to a somewhat important function, if you haven’t been given a dress code, there’s a simple way to deal with creating the perfect look. Simply wear what suits your personality best, but still gives you that ladylike edge. More importantly, slap on what makes you feel comfortable and able to relax – there’s nothing worse than being stuck in an outfit that puts you out of your comfort zone and itching for the shadows. Remember though, you don’t get a second chance at first impressions, so if you’re opting for a relaxed look – like opting for women’s polo shirts and a pair of jeans – try pairing it with something like a nicely fitting blazer to give it a slightly more sophisticated appeal.


We don’t need to tell you that black is usually the ideal choice here. But these days, it’s not uncommon to see other colours floating around too. Mostly, the rule is to keep it respectful. Nothing revealing, short or bright. Keep things toned down with dark shades, neutrals, or even a dark green. Stay away from bright yellows, oranges or vivid pinks. Keep your festive wear in the wardrobe and if you’re in doubt, ditch it. Opt for earrings like pearls or simple studs, and shoes that aren’t too high or over-the-top.

A job interview

Not a whole lot has changed over the years with job interview wear. In larger corporations, it’s still expected you wear a suit r tailored skirt with a nice blouse, and there aren’t too many alternatives. Dressing corporate shows your employer you’re serious about the position, and you’re not there to mess around. Dress too relaxed and you’re likely to come across as a little too unphased about the result. Give them an outfit that shows your personal sense of style, but in an appropriate manner, but also don’t dress as if the job is already yours. The best way to tackle all these rules? Make sure your outfit is respectful, well-ironed, tailored and not tight. Oh, and no plunging shirts, ladies.

Pro tip: if you’re ever in doubt about your outfit, simply ask your friends or family about their thoughts. It never hurts to have a spare pair of eyes glance over what you’ve got planned.

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