High cost of input is a challenge to rice farming

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Rice farming production has reduced this year and this challenge is not limited to the farmers in the Western Region.

Speaking on the Jolly Breakfast Show on Monday, November 21, Mr Roland Prah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roland Rice said the high cost of input has been a challenge for them this year.

He said, “Prices of input, that is Agro chemicals are now very expensive, a product we used to buy for GHC30 recently is now sold for GHC70… so imagine buying about five chemicals for one acre, the farmer will not make any profit and will affect the price of rice after harvest.”

“The one who will be suffering now is the consumer, the one who always buys the rice to consume is the one in trouble now.”

Speaking on the solution to the problem, “The way forward is to put more funds into agriculture, and per my analysis, when I compare farmlands of local farmers, their lands are too small so it will be difficult for them to reduce the prices of their product due to low output.”

“This is a time for institutions to go into Agriculture because they have the money to invest in large-scale farming to produce more rice and sell at a cheaper rate.”

“Institutions like churches, banks and other cooperate businesses can take on this challenge and make rice cheaper.”

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