Gold Fields Ghana commits over USD830K to fighting COVID 19

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Mining giant, Gold Fields Ghana Limited, as proof of its corporate citizenship, has committed over USD830,000.00  to fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) in the country.

Responding to calls by the President Nana Addo on all corporate entities in the country to support government in the fight against this pandemic, Gold Fields Ghana Ltd., donated an amount of US$433,891.00 through the Ghana Chamber of Mines.

Taking cognizance of the threat the disease poses to the health and lives of its employees, the company had earmarked and spent approximately US$400,000.00 on procuring Personal Protective Equipment, and supporting employees and host communities to fight it.

Executive Vice President and Head of West Africa Region- Gold Fields Ghana, Alfred Baku

Executive Vice President and Head of West Africa Region, Alfred Baku, said the company has been apt in managing expectations and conditions since the outbreak of the disease in the county.

“This contribution represents our timely response to the call by the Government of Ghana to support in the fight against COVID-19, which has been spreading since Ghana reported its first case on 12 March 2020.

“As a Company which prioritises the health and safety of its employees, we have a duty to support the needy and vulnerable in our society in these challenging times. We believe our
contribution will go a long way to flattening the curve and help us return to normal lives soon,” Baku said.

He disclosed that the company incorporated measures at its mine sites, prior to Ghana recording its first case, to screen employees, community members, contractors, and visitors to the sites. These measures, he emphasized “are still being enforced”.

Hand washing equipment and sanitary items

To compliment efforts to deepen knowledge on COVID 19, especially in its host communities, Gold Fields Ghana, has developed and sponsored radio programmes which are aired on regular basis.

Staff embark on COVID19 sensitisation program

The company having learnt of the dynamic and evolving nature of the coronavirus, has urged its employees and community members to be on high alert and observe basic hygiene protocols at all times.

A staff of Gold Fields Ghana Ltd. in a nose mask

Gold Fields Ghana is also working closely with local and national health authorities to keep the operating areas safe and to strengthen its COVID-19 protocols.

Mr Baku commended employees for their vigilance, courage and dedication to work during this critical period. He also urged employees to stay calm, observe personal hygiene and practice social distancing.

“This unprecedented pandemic, though tough and potentially life-threatening, will soon come to an end if we individually and collectively play our part. Let’s continue to do the
right things,” he concluded.

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