GES orients NGOs and CSOs on framework being developed by education sector in Western Region

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An orientation workshop has been organized for NGOs and CSOs that provide service to the educational institutions in the Western Region.

It was organized on Monday, April 25, by the Ghana Education Service (GES) on a framework being developed by the Education Sector with the aim of identifying the clear needs of the institutions and meeting their demands in time.

Speaking to Skyy news at the sidelines of the program, the Western Regional Director of Education, Felicia Agyeibea Okai said it will also help to get information on NGOs/CSOs on their identity, their location and also the kind of service or goods they produce for the schools.

She added that it will also help to harmonise the NGOs by getting the needed database and further knowing how their work is impacting schools and students in particular.

She said “The past decade has seen an increasing number of NGOs and CSOs working in the education sector to complement the efforts being made by the government to enhance access and improve the quality of education.

“Despite a large number of organisations and the considerable impact being made, there is inadequate data to reflect their contributions, the thematic areas they support, their beneficiaries, and even the precise number and locations organisations are in operation.”

“This has also made it difficult to assess the total amount of resources going towards education in Ghana, there is a need to improve information, harmonisation and improvement of the work being carried out by the multiplicity of organisations in the education sector,” she added.

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