‘Foreign based player’ shouldn’t have contested me- Effia MP mocks contender

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The Member of Parliament for Effia, Joseph Cudjoe has described as a ‘foreign-based-player’, his contender in the upcoming parliamentary primaries for the New Patriotic Party in the constituency. The contender, whom, the defending parliamentarian referred to as lose string of hair in a storm, will have to brace up for a humiliating defeat come April 25, 2020.

Mr. Joseph Cudjoe after filing his nomination this afternoon [February 18. 2020], at the constituency office mocked that his opponent was ill-advised to contest him. A confident, Joseph Cudjoe stressed that the contender failed to do a thorough examination of his or her chances prior to picking nomination and filing a nomination form.

“I’m surprised that I am being contested because the performances is there to see and you can see from here the very people that I’m here to endorse my candidature, right ahead of the contest. You can see that that candidate who is coming may have done a very wrong assessment of her chances of having a place in the contest because I can dare say that all the delegates are almost all of most all the delegates are here.

“So even though the party’s constitution would allow for free participation, free contests it is incumbent upon the candidate who is going to contest to do his or her assessments to know whether he or she has a chance. But I believe the other candidate has made a very wrong assessment of the situation as the person himself or herself is if the person is observing from afar everybody wearing the ‘Men At Work’ Brand knows that we are working we are performing and the delegates are going to endorse my candidature” he boasted.

He alleged that the opponent is ‘alien’ to the constituency, who seek to chance on the hard work and political goodwill built by himself over the years, for some personal gains. According to him, it is obvious, given the overwhelming support from delegates, that his opponent will be dazzled by results from the polls.

“Because we have a foreign based player who is contesting me, I expect a hundred percent zero.

“If even they make progress, I still will score close to a hundred percent because I have seen one or two delegates who out of whatever factor that they see things are following the delegates. And the factors include money” he stated.

Asked if he had any doubt of the loyalty of the delegates, in securing a third term for the party, he responded that, “I am not afraid of the delegates because it is a same set of delegates that delivered the unopposed results I got in my first instance and delivered the unopposed results again and this time is unopposed again”

“It is somebody standing outside the constituency who has picked the form. And so I know there is no contest because this is a foreign based player who has intruded and we will see that results” he added.

Mr. Cudjoe continued that his re-election will empower him to continue the good works that had already materialised, and thus open up greater opportunities to develop the constituency.

“My reason for seeking re-election is simple. It is because I have had a very successful first term as a Member of Parliament and a very successful second term as a member of parliament, again for the this constituency. The first time I was in opposition and even in spite of this shortcoming of an opposition parliamentary representative of the constituency, I did the best, I did my utmost best in terms of project delivery, in terms of contributing to the work of Parliament and contributing to the national debate on issues. The second term has even been more successful because it’s been my own government that is ruling the country now and I have had the privilege of being part of the government in the capacity as a Deputy Minister of Energy, in charge of Finance and Infrastructure.

“I believe we’ve done well and going forward there is more to do, at both the national level and contribution to development of western region as well as contribution to the development of Effia Constituency and positioning the constituency on the national plan visibly” he explained.

So far, two person; Joseph Cudjoe, and Dr. Adwoa Kwegyirba [a senior lecturer at the Takoradi Technical University] have filed their nomination to contest for the parliamentary position on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party for the constituency.


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