Flash floods likely to occur in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, other centres – GMet

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Flash floods are expected in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, and other parts of the country from April through June, according to the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet).

According to GMet’s seasonal estimate for 2023, flash floods might make several roads impassable.

“The total cumulative rainfall amount for March April May (MAM) both in time and space will be near normal to above normal at the eastern coast of the country, South Western parts of the country towards the north-western parts of the country will experience normal to below normal rains and the extreme North Eastern parts of the country will experience below normal to near normal rains,” GMet said in a statement.

The rest of the country will get near-normal rains, according to the statement, with March, April, May, and June being the major rainfall months for the south (8°N and below).

“At the peak of the MAM/AMJ season, there is a high probability of heavy rains accompanied by strong winds and lightning which could lead to flooding and damage to structures. There is also a high probability of experiencing relatively short to normal dry spells at the beginning and towards the end of the season.

“Places such as along the coast and its inland areas are likely to have some surplus rainfall, albeit not so significant from the normal rainfall. The western parts of the country will also experience some deficit rainfall amounts for the MAM and AMJ seasons.”

Road users are so encouraged to be cautious when driving on roadways and to avoid driving into floodwaters.

“Light aircraft are advised to take utmost care and avoid flying through deep convective clouds that are associated with severe turbulence and lightning, especially in the afternoon hours. Motorists should be mindful of fallen trees and objects on roads during or after a storm.”

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