Fire outbreak in Asankragwa destroys over 10 shops

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The entire community of Asankragwa in the Amenfi West District of the Western Region of Ghana is currently in a state of disbelief following a fire outbreak that has destroyed several properties.

The fire outbreak happened on the evening of Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at one of the busiest markets in the area. According to eyewitnesses, the fire started from an unknown source, and before they could realize the entire market was in flames.

For now, more than ten (10) shops have been confirmed burnt. All properties in the shops have also been burnt.

One of the affected shop owners, Robert Annor who is yet to come to terms with the disaster indicates that he stocked his shop with expensive liquors only yesterday with huge sums of monies. He says none of the liquors were sold before the fire broke out.

“Over ten (10) shops including mine have all been destroyed completely. We had a lot of things in the shop. In my shop for instance I can say I have more than GHC 500,000 stock of items that have all been burnt. I sell alcoholic beverages. I stocked the shop only yesterday and today fire has destroyed everything. It happened around 5 PM. I cannot tell exactly where the fire outbreak started from but before I realised, my shop was in flames. The fire service came to the scene but it was too late. They could not save the situation. Robert Annor sadly indicated.

Personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service were at the scene to quench the fire. However, they could not save the properties in the shops from burning. Residents who were at the scene tried in their own way to put down the fire but their effort yielded no positive results. Some of the affected items could be seen lying on the floor with residents searching through. A meter on one of the container shops could be seen burnt to ashes.  

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