Fijai astro turf: ‘‘A few’’ structures may be demolished to create space for construction – Project coordinator.

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Some structures near the Fijai School Park may have to be demolished to free up space for the construction of the earlier announced, constituency artificial football pitch.

The project to construct the artificial football pitch at Fijai was confirmed by Member of Parliament for the Essikadu-Ketan Constituency, Joseph Ghartey two weeks ago. The project, which will be funded from the constituency’s share of the ‘One million U.S Dollar Per Constituency’ initiative, will be executed by the Wembley Sports Construction firm.

Speaking to Skyy News about the project, Alex Anim Boateng, project coordinator in charge, says unless there are evacuations to free up space, the facility may not meet the Ghana Football Association’s requirement for a standard sized pitch.

”In order to get a pitch size that meets the Ghana Football Association’s dimensions; that is the 100m by 64m, we may have to use a bigger space than what we have now and that would mean demolishing some of the buildings near this park. Presently, the pitch we are to work on has a size of 76m by 70m and that’s okay in terms of its width it can contain the spectators including a VIP stands but the length is where we will need extra space.
That is why we are saying we need to cover the drains and construct the pitch over it and a few demolitions on the other sides too” he explained.

Meanwhile, work is set to commence in the first week of March even though there has been no demolitions yet.

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