Female student advised to leave married men alone


THE Kitwe Magistrate Court has ordered a 27-year old female student of Kitwe Teachers Training College of Education  to  immediately end her long term  sexual relationship with a 57 year old married man  who is was old enough to be her father.

Magistrate Makota Phiri ordered Angela Mutale of house number 6529  Chimwemwe Township to end the relationship she was in with Joseph Mwelwa,57, as it was also culturally and morally wrong in any society.

This is a case where Mutale, a second year student assaulted Doreen Chilufya,  wife of Mwelwa, with a unknown object thereby occasioning bodily harm to her.

In the same vein Magistrate Phiri ordered Mwelwa to end his relationship with Mutale and have respect for his wife who has been with him despite his desires to have extra marital sex.

Particulars of the offence are that , Angela assaulted Chilufya  thereby  occasioning bodily harm after she hit  her with an object.

When the matter came for Judgment  Magistrate Phiri told Angela to stop having sexual relationship with  older men who were old enough to be her father as it was wrong act in any society.

“The information before this court, is that you have been having sex with this man whose wife you assaulted. I order you to stop and end this relationship,” Magistrate Phiri said.

He said it was morally wrong for Angela to be having sex with an old man for 5 years and even  have the courage to assault his wife.

In mitigation,  Mutale pleaded that the court exercise leniency on her  as she deeply regretted her actions.

She has an imbecile child and  that if the court sent her to Kamfinsa State Prison her child would suffer.

“Have mercy on me I am student at Kitwe training college of education. I am in my second year and need to finish my studies. If I am sent to jail, my future will be shattered,” Mutale said

Magistrate then turned to Mwelwa and said :”You old man, you should also stop this relationship and instead respect your wife  who has been with you  despite your desires to have  extra marital sex”.





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