Encourage learning of indigenous Ghanaian languages in schools and at home- Linguistics Association of Ghana

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Schools and parents are being advised to encourage the learning of indigenous Ghanaian languages so as to preserve our culture and enrich our social development.

Recognizing the extent to which foreign languages have dominated homes and communities, the Linguistics Association of Ghana has embarked on nationwide sensitization to instill attitudes that promotes learning of local languages.

Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, Professor Mrs Patricia Beatrice Mireku-Gyimah,  warns that indigenous languages are on the verge of extinction, and resultantly a loss to our culture and identity.

“We want people to be proud of their languages because language is everything, your language is you. Without the language you cannot communicate with anyone. We don’t need to embrace other people’s language and pay more attention to them than ours.

“We need to encourage our children to use the indigenous languages as the home language. That is the domain where the indigenous language is suppose to be used. Outside the home, for other purposes or for situations where they have no other language to use, they can resort to a common language but in our homes especially, lets encourage the use of indigenous languages” she explained. 

President of the Linguistics Association of Ghana (LAG) ,Dr Jemima Asabea Anderson,  added that technology could be used to enhance learning of local languages but warned that their potency of altering our language and attitudes must be of concern too.

“I would wish that we use these gadgets we have in our age to sharpen the use of our language…even at home” Mrs Addison noted


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