EKMA to take action on developers without permits, buildings in water log areas

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The Head of the Works Department at the Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly (EKMA), Engineer Benjamin Aidoo says people who develop buildings in water log areas haven’t been permitted to do so.

Speaking exclusively to Skyy News, Mr Aidoo indicated that EKMA does not give permits for development in water log areas, however, due to the obstinate nature of some individuals, they tend to develop buildings in these areas even without any permits.

He indicated that acquiring building permits from EKMA is a simple process yet some people fail to fully process their permits before they start their development.

“EKMA does not give permits to develop in water log areas, but it is the attitude of some Ghanaians to do so even without receiving any permit to do so.”

“Before you put up any structure you will need permits and the process is simple, sometimes someone will submit his application and we will direct them to the Lands Commission.

Mr Aidoo indicated that the Assembly has assessed and reported all buildings in water log areas including those without permits and will take the necessary action soon.

He said, “No one builds in the water log areas with permits, EKMA does not grant permits for that and we have accessed and reported all these buildings and the assembly is in the process of demolition all of them.”

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