EKMA set to digitalise Agriculture

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The Effia Kwesimintsim Municipality in the Western Region has embarked on a project to digitize agriculture and make it more exciting and attractive to the youth.

According to the Agric Director of the Municipality, Mr John Gyimah, this will involve the use of drones, some digital tools to do soil analysis and the use of digital innovation to get data on the weather to assist them in knowing when to plant and expect rains.

Mr Gyimah speaking at the Ghana Techlab Stakeholders Engagement Meeting at Duapa Werkspace said with the advent of this technology in the system, the myth of agriculture being a difficult venture will be erased knowing that there are digital tools in the field.

“This is by using new tools such as drones in spraying of the farms and other digital tools to do soil analysis which is very critical in undertaking agriculture activities. Also, the tools will help one to analyse the weather to know when to expect rain and period to plant.”

He also indicated that they are promoting the use of simple forms of farming which will be suitable for disabled people, women and the youth who will want to venture into Catfish farming, sweet potatoes and yam.

“People can do catfish farming at the back of their backyards without necessarily building a pond, there are new ways in which one can use a plastic container and it will serve the same purpose. People can also plant yam, sweet potatoes and other plants using rice sacks which will yield the same result like the one on farms.”

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