EKMA pragyia ban: Riders aggrieved over decision

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The decision to ban the operation of tricycles (pragyia) within the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly has been received with a bitter heart from a section of the general public.

Following a directive by the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), EKMA has resolved not to allow the operations of tricycles popularly referred to as pragyia in their jurisdiction. 

Corroborating the story to Skyy News, Chief Security Guard, Nat Tettey emphatically stated that the assembly will not entertain any form of the use of Pragyia in their jurisdiction and that “we will not permit any excuses made for the use of pragyia in any part of the assembly”, he added.

But the operators of these tricycles say the move is just another calculated attempt to kick them out of business as young men trying to make ends meet.

A rider said, “This is the only way we survive in this country, there are no jobs for the youth and this is the only way we feed ourselves and our families.”

According to them, they don’t in any way agree with the decision of the assembly because they have duly registered their tricycles with the Drivers and Vehicle License Authority (DVLA) and they have road worth covering their tricycle and as well insurance for themselves and their passengers.

“Tricycles are legal in Ghana, we register our tricycles with the DVLA and also pay road worthy plus insurance as well so I don’t understand how EKMA can ban our operations in their area,” a rider added.

They begged EKMA to consider their decision saying they will do everything in their power to resist this attack on the livelihood.

Some patrons of the services of pragyia operators in the city say this will hugely affect their day-to-day movement since their charges are a bit cheaper as compared with taxis.

They also argue that taxis are not able to transport them to deplorable areas but the tricycles easily do that.

Meanwhile, a committee comprising staff from the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) and Assembly members at EKMA are currently locked up in a meeting now to iron out issues with this decision to ban the operation of pragyia. 

Skyy news will be updating you with the out coming in out subsequent bulletins.

Source: Patrick Ennimil Arthur

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