Egyam residents cry for help as dusty roads suffocate them

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Residents of Egyam, a town in Ahanta West Municipality in the Western Region are calling upon the government to come to their aid as dusty roads is suffocating them to their early grave.

It was reported that, a sod was cut by President Nana Akufo-Addo for the construction of the Egyam to Ankyernin road in the year 2020 which was to be done by the Asabea Construction Company. Work has seized for sometime after their last operation on the road in February.

Residents are calling for work on the road to resume since the dusty road is a big problem for them now and don’t know if their road will truly be constructed for them. The road is now emitting serious dust when vehicles make use of it and some residents are now in fear of their health.

Also, they indicated the road is so bad that they have to use long routes to access neighbouring towns since they can’t access the main road. Moreover, since there is no means to dispose rubbish in the community, some residents have now turned the Agyam to Ankyernin road into a refuse dumb since construction has seized.

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  1. Sampson says

    That’s true the dust going to kill us sooner than expected

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