Doomed and cursed: Anas bears wrath of Net2 TV’s Kwaku Annan

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As the truth around bribery allegations concerning Net2 Television’s ‘The Seat’ host, Kwaku Annan, unfolds, another tornado is ruminating. Mr. Annan in a response to social media video that had gone viral of him taking money from an undisclosed person, has fingered Tiger Eye PI’s Anas Aremeyaw Anas, as the brain behind such a ‘defamatory’ piece on his personality.

He cursed that Anas will never regain his integrity and popularity, adding any attempt to stain his reputation will not wash.

“… I am daring you, as dirty as you are. You think you can resurrect again. And let me tell you, you cannot use my platform to resurrect. I have already buried you right on the floor. And like I told you, I will make sure that you will be demystified and then certainly you will be uncovered. Now Ghanaians have seen that you are uncovered so you are trying again to use this platform together with these fake pastors and prophets to launch yet another attack on the platform and my personality but I tell you what- you aren’t gonna go through. I am very resolute, firm and grip” Mr. Annan stressed.

According to Kwaku Annan, the video is just an attempt by Anas to settle an old score; a lose he suffered as a result of an expose that he [Kweku Annan] had on him. He claimed that the said video dates as far as 2017, and “this story was dealt with in 2017”

He alleged in an voice note captured on youtube that Anas is conspiring with fake pastors and prophets, who he had exposed, to reactivate the rather dead and hollow story to dent his image.

“Is it Anas who is behind this, or the fake pastors and prophets are behind this. Or together, Anas and them doing this show down? And the question; will this fly or it will not fly? Is this a latest news or call it later news, call it recycling, call it dead news on arrival. It might only be news to those who are not known to the showdown between myself and Anas in 2017″ he said.

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