Don’t shortchange Ghanaians, gov’t with your projects- Pastor tells local road contractors

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Indigenous road contractors have been advised to shun mediocrity, and prove their worth in executing contracts awarded them by government. Area Head of the Church of Pentecost, Achimota, Pastor Samuel Kissi Agyekum stressed that local contractors need to be considerate of the developmental deficiencies of the country and the plight of Ghanaians, by being truthful and honest in delivering on contracts they execute.

Delivering a sermon at a joint thanksgiving service with Memphis Metropolitan Construction Limited in Achimota, which was on the theme “the faithfulness of God”, Ps. Kissi Agyekum cried that most local road contractors had shortchanged the country for years and that it’s about time they rethink the consequence of their actions for the good of the nation.

“We need road contractors are trustworthy, those that have the nation at heart. So sad, we construct a road and in just few months it begin to deteriorate. And you will wonder- is it the engineers who don’t know what they are about? Or what?

“… and when that happens, we have to sacrifice funding for some other important project to fix them. I will beg you [local contractors] to be honest and exceptional with your work. Let your works be of higher quality, so they could last” he pleaded.

Ps. Kissi Agyekum mentioned that until such qualities are engendered local companies that perpetuate such crimes will face the wrath of God. He however prophesied that the reward for being truthful and honest with their work is unbounded.

“Your good works will surely pay off. People will testify to them, your company shall never go bankrupt” he stated.

Area Head for the Church of Pentecost, Kaneshie, Apostle Mike Kwame Etrue assessed that both contractors and politicians and technocrats are to be blame for the shoddy work we witness on our roads. He noted that elements of corruption have stained the work of government and thus made it practically impossible for local firms to work according to scope and specifications.

“We want to encourage them to do a very good job, and as much urge government to pay them on time so they can have enough money to do the work. If the contractor is doing its work and is not being paid, then they do that shoddy work.

“They should also discard that deductions- the bargained percentage share they take from the contractors. The moment the contractor pays that money the consequence is that the quality of work is sabotaged”, Aps. Etrue fired.



Learning from the sermon, Chief Executive Officer for Memphis Metropolitan Construction Limited, Patrick Kwame Danso said the company has been an exception to these crimes as perpetuated by some industry players. He observed that the right thing, and as a matter of priority for every contractor is to support the nation’s development.

“For us at Memphis Metropolitan Limited, we have the nation at our heart. We are ready to contribute our quota [in terms of project execution] to government’s agenda of expanding road network infrastructure. And we know for sure, that some of our colleagues are ever ready to support government realize its target set for the coming year” he stated.

Chief Executive Officer for Memphis Metropolitan Construction Limited, Patrick Kwame Danso

Mr Danso however admitted that their work as contractors is often overwhelmed with some financial challenges, especially resulting from none payment of claims for work done, by government.

Albeit, he entreat his colleague contractors to be honest with the crisis they face, and inform their creditors and clients according, so they could maintain some positive relationship to sustain their business.

“It’s not easy. But with truthfulness and discipline you will sail through. Make sure that you honest with your creditors, banks that offers you the facility to sponsor your contract. This should be extended to all of our clients; cement dealers, bitumen dealers among others; we have remain truthful” he clarified.

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