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DHL Global Forwarding, the leading international provider of air, sea and road freight services, has decided to base its logistics hub at WestPark to connect Takoradi to the world by supporting the distribution of goods for the West African market.

The partnership between Westpark and DHL further emphasizes DHL’s strategic commitment to Ghana as the hub for West Africa, and demonstrates WestPark’s ongoing efforts to attract major global companies to Ghana’s fast-growing Western Region.

The choice of WestPark as its logistics hub is perfect chpoice since the park is best cited for easy access to the West-African sub  region. The WestPark, with competitive costs of production, proximity to abundant natural resources and strategic location, offers a powerful platform for companies seeking to manufacture or distribute goods in West Africa. The WestPark offers a designated Free Zone area for export industries as well as space for companies primarily focused on domestic and neighboring markets.

New from DHL

The company that has been at the forefront of logistics management, has now set its eyes on doing what no other logistics company has tried to do; delivering to the moon. ON its website, DHL has stated “we have always been revolutionizing, shaping, and simplifying the world of logistics. From inventing the international air express industry to becoming the world’s leading logistics company; we’re thinkers, makers and pioneers that constantly challenge what’s possible. And now we’re tackling the ultimate border: delivering to the moon.”

About Westpark

The WestPark is a 405-acre commercial, industrial and residential development in a strategic location in Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana. The mixed-use development addresses the challenges – including access to reliable power, water, transport and telecommunications – that often confront companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and provides modern and reliable infrastructure to its tenants. The WestPark offers custom-built warehouses, factories, offices, and retail space to its tenants in conjunction with business development services to ease their entry into one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

The WestPark is breaking new ground for companies to produce goods locally and do business more easily with West Africa’s growing markets. The new enclave, featuring industrial, commercial and residential zones, eliminates many of the challenges – including access to reliable power, water and transport – that often confront companies in Sub-Saharan Africa, so tenants can focus on increasing production, creating jobs and growing their revenues.

Ghana offers strong transport links to the region, serving as a gateway to the West African market for many global companies. The country is projected to be among the world’s fastest growing economies in 2017 and 2018 and has long enjoyed a stable, multi-party democratic government, low crime rates, the rule of law, and an open trade policy.

Story: Samuel Kojo Brace/Skyy Power FM/Takoradi

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