Deputy Energy Minister lights up schools in Western Region

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The Member of Parliament for the Effia Constituency, Hon Joseph Cudjoe is distributing some three hundred and forty street lights to selected senior high schools in the Western Region to help lighten up their campuses. This, according to the Legislator, is to help reduce the crime rate in and around campuses of senior high schools by removing the conducive environments that help these crimes to be perpetuated.

The schools include Fijai Senior High School, ArchBishop Porter Girls Senior High School, Methodist Senior High School, Shama Senior High School, Sekondi College, Takoradi Senior High School, Ahantaman Senior High School, and Takoradi Technical Instktute. The rest are St. Mary’s Boys Senior High School, Ghana Secondary Technical School, St. Johns Senior High School, Diabene Senior High School, Bompeh Senior High Technical School, Adiembra Senior High School, Badu Bonso Senior High Technical School, Twin City School for the Deaf, and Sekondi Special School.

Hon. Joseph Cudjoe, who doubles as the Deputy Minister of Energy in charge of finance and infrastructure, revealed that more districts have now started calling on him for them to be included in the program, following the successful rollout.

“The DCE for Wassa East, Hon. Wilson Arthur, who happens to be a close friend, has called on me to extend the project to the Daboase Secondary Technical School, upon hearing of the project. I have therefore decided to do my best to extend the project there, but the program is just to lighten up the metropolis and adjoining communities.

The Legislator, in an exclusive interview on Skyy Headline News, Monday stated that prior to this particular project, he implemented another project which saw the installation of street lights in some selected schools in the metropolis. This was to cater for schools that did not have light poles to accommodate street lights.

“Some didn’t have the poles to mount the streets lights, so under a special projects, I supplied the poles and paid for them to be mounted. This was done some months ago where some schools like Ahantaman and Archbishop Porter Girls were selected to benefit from this,” Hon Cudjoe told Skyy News’ Samuel Kojo Brace.

In addition, the legislator is also distributing fifty thousand energy saving bulbs to households in his constituency, Effia Constituency.

“If you remember the history of energy savings as a concept, the NPP government, during the erstwhile Kuffour administration, introduced energy saving bulbs for fluorescent lights predominantly to replace the tungsten filament. Kufour’s administration introduced the energy savings program.  Because when you generate so much energy and it consumed in a wasteful manner, you always incur cost for the consumer. So energy savings as a strategy of making sure that we get the lights we want, but we pay little because the bulbs do not consume so much energy.

“Following from that program, under the Presidency of Nana Akuffo Addo’s administration that project has been taken further, replacing the florescent lights with LED which is the current technology, and which consumes less energy. So for example, when you buy say 10.00 worth of power, and using fluorescent will take you say 10 days, LEDs can extend your consumption to about 13 or 14 days, thereby saving you money,” he narrated.


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