Delivery Drones: The Future Of Delivery Business?


By now, you should have realized that the drones are here to stay, and in a not so distant future, even become a part of our everyday life routine.

At this point, drones are still mostly used for having fun during the weekend, or for commercial purposes such as making amazing photos and footage for commercials or movies.

Imagine ordering something from Jumia, and you get out in front of your house to pick up your package after it was delivered.

Instead of the delivery guy, you see a drone hovering above your lawn, with your package in its landing gear! How great would that be?

Well, even though there are some law issues that are still keeping this idea from realization, the fact is that it will become a reality probably in the next couple of years.

Companys like Amazon, FedX, Flirtey, Dominos, Matternet are already working towards getting a delivery drone do in no time to boost business and save cost on fuel.

It is true that by using drones, the delivery companies would drastically cut down the cost of human labor, as well as wait times.

However, looking at this idea from an economic point of view, we can notice that drone delivery could be something that is not as worth it as one would imagine.

The use of the drone technology for the delivery business is facing the same problems as the self-driving car technology.

Companies have presented the technology, but what still is the biggest problem for this to become reality, has a legal and regulatory nature.


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Credit: Thintalltolu


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