COVID 19: “We’ve missed our wives”-Quarantined fishermen cry

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The six fishermen who have been quarantined at Sekondi, are praying authorities allow their wives to make ‘contact’ with them. They say “we’ve missed our wives”, and have been restless without them.
One of the fishermen who spoke to Skyy News cried the weather is cold and unbearable, and that hope to enjoy the warmth of their wives.
“I can’t even touch my wife… I took a photo with my three year old kid, touched my wife. We miss our wives. In fact, we need some women in here, the weather is very cold” he told Samuel Kojo Brace in an exclusive interview on the Jolly Breakfast this morning.
The fishermen have been in quarantine for the past six days after they returned from a fishing expedition from neighbouring Ivory Coast.
Upkeep of our families
They fear their wives and children are starving as a result of their absence. One of them intimated that, the likelihood of they [wives] abandoning their matrimonial home for another man, is real.
“In our absence how are families feeding? If not for anything, we always get them something to for their upkeep. At least they should provide for them… should we go home and hear our wives had moved in with another man, who do we blame?” he stressed.
Following an investigative report filed by Skyy News’ Abraham Mensah on the first facility where these fishermen were quarantined, city authorities yesterday evening, have provided a much conducive accommodation for them. They were relocated in the evening.
The first quarantine center in Sekondi
A water closet being used at the holding/quarantine center
Skyy News have learnt that the current quarantine center is a hotel, and is already housing some six other fishermen.
As described by the fishermen; “each has his own room, a TV set- which is faulty but its better than where we used to be”


Below are pictures of one of the rooms occupied by the fishermen.


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