COVID 19: Traders around Takoradi market circle relocated to Jubilee Grounds

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Traders at the Central Business District of Takoradi, popular known as ‘Market Circle’, have up to 6pm today to move their wares from “the inner and outer perimeter of the market” to the Jubilee Grounds, city authorities have said.

The relocation according to the Director of the Sekondi Takoradi Sub-Metro, Nana Asempanaye Yeboah II, is informed by protocols taken by the assembly to limit physical contact during trading hours. The Market Circle has been heavily congested, and thus in light of the current COVID 19 crisis, poses a huge risk to traders and other users of the market.

Hydraulic platform readied for street light installation at Jubilee Grounds

The Jubilee Ground is currently being prepared- spaces are being demarcated and lighting systems mounted. Each trader will be allocated a 2 meters square space to ply his/her trade.

A staff of the assembly demarcating the space

Nana Asempanaye II said a total of 800 traders are expected to be housed at the premises.

“We are in talks with some private entities to support with some mobile toilet facilities” he told Skyy News.

Some areas have also been earmarked for bulk breaking activities. Notifications have been sent to all traders, and “they are expected to be populate this area by 3am tomorrow”, Nana Asempanaye II added.

He warned that person who flout this regulation will be sanction.

“We have a joint military and police taskforce that will be patrolling the market circle. If you are caught trading there, your ware will be confiscated, or demolished. You may be prosecuted and if found guilty, fined, sentenced into prison or both” he stressed.

He indicated that the various ‘Market Queens’ will be granted the rights to allocated the individual spaces to the traders

Market women wondering around the demarcated spaces

He indicated that the various ‘Market Queens’ will be granted the rights to allocated the individual spaces to the traders.


Concerns of the traders

Some of the traders that interacted with Skyy News expressed disappointment with the assembly for failing to provide some shelters for them.

“The sun is very hot these days. You wouldn’t expect us to be in this scorching sun all day. The assembly should consider mounting some temporary sheds here” a trader said.

Some others prayed that the assembly put in stringent measures to protect the interest of those who are affected by the relocation.

“We won’t take it likely if we hear others are allowed to do their business there. The rule must apply to all”

Skyy News will be monitoring events at the jubilee grounds and update readers in due time…


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