Corruption fight: Global Corruption Barometer reports that about 60% Ghanaians think they can make a change

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Corruption has become a global epidemic, causing $3.6 billion annually. The real cost of corruption is mainly felt in the poor state of infrastructure, health, education, businesses among others, often as a result of these financial and transactional misdeeds. Fighting this menace, according to anti- corruption campaigners would require some deliberate citizen action.

In a latest Afro Barometer report; “10th Global Corruption Barometer”, about 60 percent of ordinary citizens in Ghana, think they can make a difference in fighting against corruption.

Despite this will to combat corruption, about 33 percent of Ghanaians think, the rate of corruption had risen over the past twelve months, and that 30 percent believed that government is doing a bad job tackling it.

Per the report, the Police, and the Judges and Magistrates are the most corrupt institutions in the country, with ratings of 59 and 38 percentages respectively.

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Global Corruption Barometer – Ghana by Abraham Mensah on Scribd

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