“Consume a maximum of 6 pints of alcohol in a week” – Doctor

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The District Director for Health in the Elembelle District says there are several factors that contribute to one being at risk for non-communicable diseases.

Speaking exclusively to Skyy News, Dr Augustine Kwasi Amoako said that the excessive use of alcohol is one of these risk factors for non-communicable diseases among others.

According to world health organisation recommendations, Dr Amoako noted that one is supposed to take a maximum of 14 units of alcohol in a week which is equivalent to 6 pints.

Explaining further, he indicated that the consumption has to be spread throughout the days of the week which should be 3 days or more.

He said, “In a week you can’t take more than 6 pints of the alcohol and if you do that, you are excessively consuming the product which can put you at risk for these non-communicable diseases.”

Dr Amoako hinted at some other factors that can contribute to non-communicable diseases which are; lack of exercise, smoking and poor diet.

Emphasising the lack of exercise, Dr Amoako advised the public to do moderate exercises which should also be regular.

“These days it is common to see people assemble on Saturdays, they will jog for long hours and will go and sit at a place and drink excessive alcohol and a lot of meat which affects them in the long run, it is rather better to do regular exercise in the week than just once.”

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