“Come home, let’s build a Ghana Beyond Aid”, Charles Bissue to diasporas

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Ghanaians in the diaspora have been admonished to take a keen interest in supporting the development of the country. Taking on lessons from the President’s Year of Return initiative which reignited a great sense of patriotism and nationality among Ghanaians abroad, to gunner resources and other support in championing the development of the country, a Presidential Staffer, Charles Bissue believes that commitment when sustained, could drive a ‘developing nation’ to be resilient and economically independent.

On this background, Mr. Bissue intimated “it is high time our sisters and brothers out there repatriate the knowledge and resources acquired, to better lives and national development”. He added that government has made available the right incentives to support initiatives taken domestically.

“…lets learn from this pandemic. The airports are shut but we are still surviving. We can do it ourselves. So we allow our brothers and sisters abroad to come in…no hindrances in their way for them to set up businesses, and actually harnessing what we have”, he added. 

He believes some countries including advanced ones will be plunged into a recess, due to the overwhelming nature of the COVID 19 pandemic. He referenced that Africa is better off, returning to normalcy, if it could harness the human capacity and natural resources available.

Mr. Bissue suggested that member states need to synergize efforts in maximizing eco-political influence in global trade. He noted that African countries need to learn from partnerships forged with Ivory Coast in enhancing value from cocoa production, and Burkina Faso in the building of a modern railway interconnectivity infrastructure in the sub-region.

“But this should not end here. We can replicate this in the mining industry, the oil and gas industry and other sectors of the economy. That is how we can win”, Mr Bissue noted.

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