Clashes at Adamus Mines leave one person dead, two policemen Injured

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One person died and two policemen were injured when the youth of Akango clashed with workers of Adamus Mine over a black-out in Akango, following damage to an electric pole at one of their mining pits at Salman in the Ellembelle District.

A vehicle belonging to Adamus Mine was vandalised by the irate youth.

The Esiama Divisional Commander of the Ghana Police Service, Assistant Commissioner of Police(ACP) Godact Dodzi Hlordzi told the GNA that on Thursday, March 11, an excavator working on one of Adamus’ pits at Salman damaged an electric pole which left the Akango community in darkness.

He said after assessing the situation, the management of Adamus informed the Chief and Assembly Member of the town that the officials from the Electricity Company of Ghana(ECG) could only fix the problem the next day.

Not satisfied with the explanation, the youth of Akango chased the workers of Adamus out and unleashed severe lashes on them.

ACP Hlordzi said the police at the site, who tried to control the mob, were also beaten.

He said an attempt to seize the rifle belonging to the police resulted in the death of one of the group members.

The Divisional Commander described the situation as very hectic as the police finally left the scene around 0200 hours.

He said the Police were working to retrieve the missing rifle.


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