We are learning every day and continuously striving to be a better person. At some point in our lives, we have some considerations that need to be changed. We have bad habits or weaknesses that we repeatedly do. However, I’ve listed some approaches to circumvent our self-issues, this is my perception.

·        Be complacent, limit your options.

I remember in one of our church services, our Preacher mentioned about making choices, even in our everyday lives we have so many things to choose from the menu of food, clothing, buying an item, we feel that we must choose the best. In many cases, we are overwhelmed by our options and end up bummed out with our choices. Reducing the options we have to consider can save time and worry. We need to set a limit on our choices. We can put a big subjective cross through some options without cogitation. Sometimes finding the ‘best’ is unrealistic, so for a satisfied mind it’s worth going for “good enough”.

·        Be grateful

Waking up in the morning is a great blessing. If you have food on the table, shelter, clothing, job, and a family – you are truly blessed. Instead of bewailing or grumbling over something,  count all the goods that you have.Some people have broken families and longing for love; some are dying, others are sick. We should be appreciative and thankful for every little thing.

·         Be optimistic

Look on the bright side of life rather than worrying about the what-might-have-beens. People who are optimistic experience less distress and depression than pessimists. Learn to recognize and put aside negative forms of thinking and look for the good things, no matter how small, and cherish them.

·        Be Mindful

I must admit I have a bad habit that must be changed. Habits tend to occur unconsciously – we are repeating them carelessly because it’s what we’ve always done. Yet, we are in control of our habits, we can assess and think about the negative habits and how it affects our wellbeing. We can try listing our good and bad habits – give ourselves credit for the good ones and then list some new habits that could replace bad ones.

·        Be Humble

Always. Humble people are more likely to help friends than their prideful counterparts. As a result, they maintain stronger personal and professional relationships. They actively listen to others before summarizing or concluding the conversation. Needless to say, we can have a better relationship if we always practice humility and simplicity.




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