Breaking!!Thugs assault Paramount Chief for Lower Dixcove

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Some unidentified thugs have allegedly assaulted the Paramount Chief for Lower Dixcove Traditional area, Nana Kwesi Agyeman IX. Reports have it that the assailants stormed the palace of Nana Agyeman IX this dawn, and ravaged the entire household.

The chief and all others in the palace were brutalised, with a 6 year old boy sustaining severe cutlass wounds at his back. Properties were destroyed, and many residents thrown into anxiety over the happening.

In the words of the Nana Agyeman IX, the assailants numbering thirty stormed the palace and broke into his room, dragged him to the forecourt of the house and brutalising him. He recounted that the assailants took him to the palace of the Paramount Chief of Upper Dixcove.

“The assailants were from Upper Dixcove. They took us to their palace and continued the beatings,” he told a local reporter as he received treatment from an undisclosed health center.

Chieftaincy unrest at Turom

Information gathered by Skyy News is that, the Paramount Chief for Lower Dixcove, Nana Kwesi Agyeman IX and his sub-chiefs enstooled a new chief this weekend at Turom, a rural community that has been in contention among the two paramouncies in Dixcove; Upper and Lower Dixcove Traditional area.

This has resulted into an age-long feud among them, one that many had fear would escalate into a deadly violence and hostility between the two traditional areas.

It is said that the Paramount Chief for Upper Dixcove, Obrempong Hima Dekyi XIV enstooled a chief for the Turom village some five mounts ago.

The new chief for Turom, Nana Amoakoh, who spoke to Skyy Power FM this morning, disclosed that he was threatened by Nana Agyeman IX during his enstoolment, that “they would see no piece in Upper Dixcove, should they continue with the process”

He acknowledged that a new chief was enstooled yesterday by Nana Agyeman IX, an action he described might have triggered the violence. Nana Amoakoh contended that Lower Dixcove has no right of claim over the Turom land.

“We have the documents. This issue has been in court and there was a ruling in favour of Upper Dixcove Traditional Council. Nana Agyeman IX has no authority in Turom” he fired.


Police pick up three suspects

Three suspects have since been picked up by the Police in Upper Dixcove this morning. The whole township has been thrown into unrest.

Paramount Chief for Upper Dixcove Obrempong Hima Dekyi XIV has refuted allegations of his involvement in the matter. He told the Jolly Breakfast Show on Skyy Power FM, that it is unfortunate to learn that such violence has been meted out at his friend [Nana Agyeman IX].


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