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Generally, etiquettes are guidelines which control the way a responsible individual should behave in the society. It is essential for an individual to behave in a manner that is acceptable to the society. Being mindful of how we behave or conduct ourselves will ensure we do not offend or embarrass others by our behavior. One should not behave irrationally or illogically in public. Depending on the setting or grouping, etiquettes may vary but all require responsible conduct from individuals. They include Social Etiquette, Corporate Etiquette, Wedding Etiquette, Meeting Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette, Eating Etiquette, Business Etiquette and bedroom etiquette, yes bedroom etiquette, which is our focus in this article

Speaking of such a delicate activity like sex, you must remember that it is very important to do everything in the right way.

To begin with, there are general rules of how to behave in bed.

  1. Set the mood for sex

Choice of location should be carefully chosen: somewhere relaxed and private. It reduces tension and anxiety. You can engage soft music, darker shades of light such as red, mild yellow et al. You as the bloke are the main driver, and you should rush nothing.

The gentleman; who must be fit and full of vitality,  needs to be meticulous in preparing the lady for what’s to come. He must know and pay attention to what the lady responds to and what doesn’t excite her.

  1. Personal hygiene/Check your odor

Everyone has a unique body odor, which can be pleasant or subtle. Unpleasant body odor typically occurs in a specific area of the body, Common areas include the: Genitals, armpits, feet, mouth and throat and belly button. When the odor is pleasant, a lady feels relaxed; she gets closer and gives in her all. Unpleasant smell is one of the turn-offs for women. It’s usually advisable that you take your bath prior to the act, clean the genitals properly, shave the genital area and the armpits, brush your teeth – use a mouth wash if you have to. When it comes to bedroom etiquette, one basic necessity is personal hygiene.  Are your teeth clean? Is your hair greasy? Are your feet gross? Keeping personal cleanliness should be a no-brainer, and good bedroom etiquette starts there. Before sex, be clean.

  1. The venue/location of the act

Most people have preferences as far as the location of sex is concerned; some prefer the bathroom, kitchen, living room, balcony, dining area, bedroom etc. whatever your preferred location is, the place should be properly cleaned. Your shirts, belts, sneakers etc should be properly arranged. If the act is taking place in the bedroom, your bed sheet, pillow cases should be clean without any offensive odor; the bed should be properly laid with the right bed sheet. The same applies to any other location be it kitchen, dining area etc  

  1. Your boxer shorts, briefs and singlet

One of the things women consider before the act is what you’re wearing under your trousers as a man. As a matter of fact it can turn a lady on or off before sex happens.  As a man, your boxer shorts should be neat. No faded or dirty boxer shorts or briefs. It should be one that is attractive and sends a message that you’re in the mood and ready for action. Be mindful of the color you wear as well, if you know her favorite color, you can put it on, it’s a way of wetting her appetite and getting her in the mood, or setting the tone right and also tells her that you’re ready for her.


  1. Foreplay, affection, and telling women how amazing and gorgeous they are

Just as important, you being inveterate selfish in bed will not make them come back for more. Don’t just jump to penetration after a couple of kisses. Understand her pace and what she expects and move accordingly. Foreplay doesn’t mean kissing followed by BJ and then intercourse just like they show in porn videos. Cuddle, don’t just go to the other side of the bed and conk off or rush to the bathroom to clean up once you are done. Cuddling is an important part of sex etiquette and no man should ever miss it. Please her, if you don’t last too long and she hasn’t finished with you, don’t be selfish, try different ways to help her come too.


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