Be on the ‘ground’ to get first hand info – WR residents to new Commander

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Residents of the Western Region have sent a strong warning to the incoming Regional Police Commander, DCOP Mr. Felix Fosu-Agyemang to ‘breathe life’ into policing in the Region by frequently going to the field to get first hand information on how security in the Region is, and not become an ‘office’ Commander. They say this will ensure that the new Commander has a firm grasp of the security situation in the Region, and to help him program the needed solutions on time.

According to them, regional commanders who have been very active on the field have had huge impacts on the security in the region, adding that the new Commander must learn from the best who have previously occupied his seat.

In the latest police reshuffle by the Inspector General of Police, the Western Regional Police Commander, DCOP Vincent Redeemer Dejoe has been reassigned to the Police Headquarters, with the Northern Region Second-In-Command, DCOP Mr. Felix Fosu-Agyemang replacing him in Sekondi.

Some residents of the Western Region who called into the Jolly Breakfast Show on Skyy Power FM, Monday, were unanimous in calling on the new Police Commander to avoid spending too much of his time in the office since it will result in certain critical security information not getting to him. Citing COP Kofi Boakye, one time Western Region Police Commander, as an example, they said his frequent availability in the field helped him to improve security in the region like none other Commander has done, since he always got vital information that could have, hitherto, been hidden from him.

One caller, popularly called Enoch, said Mr. Fosu-Agyemang, the new Regional Commander, should emulate Kofi Boakye on how he handled his role, if he wants to make an impact.

“He must emulate Kofi Boakye in the discharge of his duties. Because Kofi Boakye was always on the field, he got hold of certain vital information, and that helped him to ensure that security in the region was topnotch. If the new Regional Commander wants to be successful, he must do as Kofi Boakye came to do,” he stated.

Another caller, who only gave his name as Osebo, entreated the new commander to adopt a field Marshall attitude to his work if he wants to leave a mark, adding that it is their explanation that he will not be a desk commander.

“We are expecting him to be on the field most often. He must visit all the checkpoints in the region because most of the times, some policemen get drunk when they are at post. So he should go to the field, mostly unannounced, so he can chance on those people, and also have access to  information and some of the issues that happen in hidden places,” he said.

Other callers also called on the new Commander to exhibit impartiality in his dealings, and to ensure that professionalism is instilled in the men and women in the Police Service.

One of such callers is Seth, who joined the Show from Bortodwena, a rural community in the Mpohor District. His expectation was for the Police Commander to do his best to keep the peace that the Region has enjoyed all this while by ensuring that police officers become more professional.

“He should come and help the citizens. Some of the Police men are really not being professional in their delivery, and so he should come and ensure that he puts that in check. We are in an election year, and so he must ensure that the Police here in the Western Region act professionally to help keep the peace we’ve enjoyed all these years,” he advised.

Another caller, who gave his name as Abu, stated that the commander must adopt a non-partisan approach to his work in the region since we are in an election year.

“The new commander must not be political in his approach. He must ensure that the Police is free and fair. He must be open to all and treat everyone’s fairness. On Tiara, I think she should have been sacked, not reshuffled,” he stated.

Agya Adu, who is possibly a driver, entreated the DCOP Felix Fosu-Agyemang to ensure he streamlines the activities of the MTTD. According to him, the harassment that drivers are suffering at the hands of these officers is just unbearable, and the new Commander must take a special interest in that.

“The new commander must have a special focus on the MTTD. Those policemen are really harassing drivers, and so he must ensure he takes a critical look at their operations. The MTTD harass drivers anyhow. As soon as they see any fault on your car, they will quickly tell you they will take you to court, without any initial warning. This is really affecting us,” he added.

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