Awards are important to an artist’s growth – Charter House PRO

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Head of Public Events and Communication ltd, Mr Robert Klah on June 16 said that awards serve as a jumping-off point for artists to better their craft and brands.

Stating his point, awards serve a need for music artists to improve themself by making it their ultimate goal to be among the best.

Mr Klan noted that awards are very important to artists, especially to get more endorsement and other opportunities that come along.

He said, “Without an awards scheme, many artists would not aspire to greatness. So I think it serves as a springboard to elevate our artists who put some hard work into their craft.”

Mr Klah added that. “Once you win an award, you gain some form of recognition, endorsement, and popularity you get from music lovers. Even being part of the nominees does boost the psyche of the artiste and gives you some kind of spotlight,”

He added that awards give the artists the platform to maintain their level best with music since they are seen to be among the best

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