Attitudinal Change; the permanent legacies of COVID-19 must be maintained- Prez Nana Addo

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President Nana Addo has entreated Ghanaians to be guided by the positive influence of the COVID-19 pandemic in our social behaviours. According to him, the attitudinal changes realized as a result of a total compliance to preventive etiquette of the disease, need to be internalized.

In his 9th address on the COVID-19 pandemic, President Nana Addo acknowledged that these attitudinal changes has impacted our lifestyles and prayed they remain so.

“It has to be one of the permanent legacies of the pandemic” he said.

He remarked that Ghanaians ought to resort to these behaviours so we could boost our immunity and fight the disease.

“We have to improve our hygiene, our fitness and exercise, our eating and generally, our style of living which will boost our immunity to diseases and the virus”

Emphasizing on the nutritional benefits of eating home-grown foods and a healthy diet, the President stated that vitamins such as Vitamin A, B6 and E, which have been identified as essential in boosting our immunity to the virus, “fortunately could be found in many of our foods”

Foods such as kontomire, oranges, dawadawa, millet, cashew nuts, crabs, plantain, brown rice among others, were a few the President encourage Ghanaians to eat to stay healthy.

“Following a good diet, patronizing our healthy foods, exercising regularly, ensuring our personal hygiene, and improving our lifestyle, at best, should become part-and-parcel of our daily routines which will help bolster our immune systems and help us fight against the pandemic” he added.


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