“Attaining SDG 2- Zero Hunger requires our collective effort- Ellmebelle MP

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The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ellembelle Constituency in Western Region Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, has encouraged his constituents to join his campaign against hunger.

The campaign, visualized during the 2016 electioneering period has been actualized with the establishment of the first Food Bank in Ghana, within the constituency. Conceptualized within the global framework of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2- Zero Hunger, the initiative seek to enhance food security and offer marginlized and needy person/communities, an opportunity to access healthy foods at no cost.

Speaking at a ceremony organized to receive a donation of food items by Adamus Resources Limited, to the Food Bank , the lawmaker called on his constituents especially companies operating in the constituency to join the campaign against hunger.

The food items worth millions of Ghana cedis included twenty (20) bags of Tom Brown, twenty (20)bags of rice, twenty (20) boxes of cooking oil, ten (10) boxes of canned fish, and one (1) big box of sugar containing mini-cube boxes among others.

“This is very important. During the lock down, it was such a struggle, and it was all about food. If we are able to establish such facilities across the District, it will help because it is so crucial that the last thing anyone should worry about is food ” the MP said.

He observed that it was his primary focus to see an extension of the Food Bank to other parts of the Constituency so that vulnerable communities, needy families facing hunger challenges, could fall on these Food Banks for survival.

“We need about six of such facilities here in the District in order to reach out to needy families and those in the bracket of vulnerability ” he added.

The MP appealed to benevolent organizations, corporate bodies who are capable and with the capacity to assist in the provision of food items to the central Bank for onward distribution to those who require the services of the Bank to do so with commitment.

Anthony Nyamkeyɛ , Acting General Manager, Adamus Resources Ltd left making the presentation of the donation to Nana Nyameke Fofole, board member of Ellembelle Food Bank right receiving the donation on behalf of management.

Acting General Manager, Adamus Resources Ltd, Anthony Nyamkeyɛ, who made the presentation of the food items to the Bank on behalf of the company, noted, that it was laudable associating with the initiative.

“We are happy to be part of this laudable initiative. We always have the poor, the vulnerable, the disable, the orphans, widows, they are always with us. It is our hope and prayer that this initiative is sustained ” he added .

The Chief of Ampain, and a member of the board, presiding over management of the Food Bank, Nana Nyameke Fofole, explained that the impact the Bank stands to make in the Ellembelle Constituency following its establishment in April 2020 was huge.

Consequently, he assured of fairness in the distribution of the food items in the Bank, noting that the board would touch base with virtually all vulnerable families in the Constituency who require their support.

“We have taken our time because we don’t want to leave anyone behind, not even a single person. But, sustaining the program would depend on us. We are all part of the project, so that our needy parents in the various communities would have something at the back of their doors” he assured.

The board member of the Bank, who is also a traditional ruler emphasized the importance of the Bank project to community development and why it was necessary to sustain it in the face of hunger and poverty eradication.

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