Aquatic life regenerating in Ankobra River, 2 years after intensive waste and environmental management

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There has been significant improvement in waste and environmental management in and around the Ankobra River in Axim. This change is a manifestation of an intensive peer education championed by management of the Ankobra Beach Resort under a project dubbed “Ankobra River School”. The objective that drives this initiative is promote an eco-friendly and sustainable behavior that would help protect the Amansuri Wetland Conservation area.

Manager of the resort, Claus Egger explains that the some attitudinal change is require of residents to adopt the practice of maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

“…and if continues like this, I think that sooner or later it would be solved” he added.

Mr Egger commended the participating communities and chiefs for their commitment to the project. Other state actors including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of National Investigations, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana Education Service have also been instrumental in this campaign.  

Mr Claus Egger continued the tourism industry despite some challenges over the past years, is gradually picking up. He added that much needs to be done to excite interest in the industry to make Ghana a preferred tourism destination.

He said “I can see that Ghana is on a good way, a tourist destination but we have to improve everyday…to keep the tourist in Ghana and not other countries”

The Ankobra River school begun two years ago in the Nzema East Municipality as an educational platform for pupils to learn of ways to reduce and reuse plastic waste, as strategic approach to curb the pollution of the Ankobra River and the sea. The success from which has informed the extension of project to some other districts including the Ellembele; with about ten more schools incorporated into the beneficiary group.

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