AMI Cleaning Services CEO supports Ahuntumano M/A Basic school

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Mr. Abdul Moomin Issa, CEO of AMI Cleaning Services here in Takoradi has advised financially successful people to look back to the communities they come from, and help needy persons, especially school children, with the little resources they can marshal. He says once God has blessed their lives, it behooves on them to give back to the society as a way of appreciating God’s grace.

According to him, it is better to spend money on less privileged children than the several partying that people engage in. He says one of the prudent ways to help communities develop is to invest in the education of the future generation, and thus entreated more people to help in the education of less privileged ones.

In an exclusive interview with Skyy News at the sidelines of a presentation to the Ahuntumano M/A Basic School in the Ahanta West Municipal of the Western Region yesterday to celebrate his birthday, Mr. Abdul Moomin Issa disclosed that there is fulfillment in extending a helping to needy people, and that privileged people must see it as a calling to give.

“What do we gain if we get what we want and the future generations do not get any support to get to where we are today, what will be the situation for us as Ahantas? God has bless some of us and we need to be a blessing onto others” he said.

Mr Moomin Issa emphasised that the gesture is purely born out servitude to his people and without any political motivation as might be construed by others.


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