Alleged destabilization plot: ACP Agordzor’s bail application to be heard today.

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ACP Agordzo has been on remand in police custody after being charged with abetment to commit treason felony.

Appearing before the district court last week, his lawyers challenged the jurisdiction of the court to hear the case in an attempt to free ACP Agordzo but failed as the court ruled that it was clothed with jurisdiction to hear the matter.

Initial bail application denied

Lawyers of ACP Agordzor and six others facing trial for allegedly plotting to oust the government, filed an initial bail application last week at the High Court but it was dismissed.

Justice George Buadi who heard the application, determined that none of the accused persons had been detained for a period longer than two months, adding that their arrest and detention are not or unlawful.

Justice Buadi also added that the accused persons were capable of interfering with the investigations if they were released. He made reference to past instances where Junior Officers managed to stage a coup in the country.

The nine persons; three civilians and six military personnel are facing charges of treason felony and conspiracy to commit treason felony.

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