Aisha Huang is just an innocent housewife trying to make ends meet – Lawyer

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The lawyer for the alleged galamsey Chinese Kingpin has described his client as a simple housewife who is trying to make ends meet in Ghana.

En Huang, also known as Aisha Huang, a deported entrepreneur who allegedly entered Ghana again to start mining without a permit, might spend 24 months in prison if proven guilty of violating Ghana Immigration Service rules.

After standing trial for illegal mining activities, the State filed a nolle prosequi (an application to halt a trial) in 2018, leading to Aisha’s deportation.

According to research done, if it is determined that she violated the nation’s immigration laws, she may spend 24 months in jail.

Speaking on Skyy Headline News with Roseline Djan on Wednesday, September 14, the lawyer for the accused, Mr Nkrabea Effa-Dartey described his client as innocent and that she has not committed any crime to be subjected to such treatment.

He noted that if truly his client was deported, why then did the immigration officers at the borders not stop her from re-entering the country?

Speaking further, he indicated Aisha Huang is just a simple housewife like every Ghanaian woman trying to make ends meet for her family.

He said, “At the bottom, she is just a housewife, an innocent Chinese woman trying to make ends meet in Ghana”

The lawyer added that the way his client has attracted so much media attention, his work in defending his client has become difficult.

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