Ahanta West tightens measures on ‘no mask, no entry’ directive

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Wednesdays, are market days in Agona-Nwanta, the capital of the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly (AWMA). So many people travel to the place to trade. Today, Wednesday, 6th May 2020, is no different. People from several parts of Ghana have traveled here. Unlike other places that have placed a ban on market days, the market in Agona-Nkwanta is buzzing with people and several activities.

But there is a twist to today’s market day – the wearing of nose mask. Everywhere you turn, there is someone wearing a nose mask. Several people we spoke to, have already started calling it ‘The Nose mask Market day’.

In and outside the Agona-Nkwanta market, one of the largest markets in Ghana has been inundated with nose masks of different types and colours. Traders and buyers alike, are all seen wearing a nose mask. Security men, stationed outside the market, are not allowing anybody without nose mask entry to the market.

This is what three positive cases has caused the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly (AWMA) to do. The Assembly says it will do all it can to ensure that the disease does not spread within the district, any further. This comes after the Assembly recorded its first case of coronavirus on Monday, 4th May 2202, followed by two additional cases on Tuesday.

A trader carrying a pan in the Agona-Nwanta market.

Auntie Ama is a cloth dealer. She has been trading in this market for the past six (6) years. Every Wednesday, she comes early because it is the busiest day among the working days of the week here. Excited about sales today, she made her way gracefully to the market. But something happened that shocked her.

The clothe dealer was prevented from entering the market because she did not have a nose mask on. She was asked to return, at one of the gates, by City Guard officials of the Assembly. According to her, she tried another and was again denied. It was then she realized, it is either she has it, or she will not be allowed to enter.

“I came this morning to trade. But because I didn’t have a nose mask on, I was prevented from entering the market twice this morning. They told me unless I get a nose mask, I can’t enter the market. So I bought one before I was allowed to enter,” she told our Reporter.

Auntie Ama revealed that though she was disappointed for being prevented from entering the market, upon a second thought and deeper reflection, she is impressed with the attitude of the authorities towards ensuring that people adhered to the safety protocols.

With two (2) pieces of cloth on one hand and four (4) pieces on her head, she applauded the AWMA for how swift they have reacted to the incidence of COVID-19 in the district by ensuring that everyone has a mask on.

“This is how we expect them to behave. They must show leadership and get the laws to work. That is why they are there. The AWMA should do more of this. People are stubborn naturally, and the only way you can get them to obey is to enforce the law. I’m impressed,” she said.

A walk through the market reveals the extent of compliance to the ‘no mask, no entry’ directive.

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